Int. EBM Day 2023 (St. Niklaas, Belgium)

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„Lingerficking good underground & alternative music for f*cked up people!“


Concert Review: Int. EBM-Day (Belgium)

by Gigidarkmad aka Giuseppe Gallo and Darkmusicmaniac aka Gabriele Grimme

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Organisation: BodyBeats Productions + Website + Facebook +

Location: De Casino Concertzaal in Sint Niklaas (BE)

Photos by: Who Cares 

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Int. EBM-Day 24.2.2024

If you didn't know it let me tell you: The unofficial holiday of EBM is the 24.2. - based on the numbers of the legendary band FRONT 242 who helped to bring this genre to life in the 80s. EBM, often thought dead, is still there, alive, juicy and always kept in rhythm. 

BodyBeats and their resident DJ BORG (aka Peter BORG) invited to the International EBM Day and opened the doors of "De Casino Concertzaal" in Sint Niklaas (Belgium) for an expectant crowd of EBM lovers who were kept in rhythm by special artists like "KALT", "No Sleep By The Machine", "Fix8:Sed8" and "SUICIDE COMMANDO" until late to honour Electronic Body Music.


[Kalt (F)] ++ Facebook ++ Bandcamp ++ 

The festival began with "Kalt" from France, a relatively young project of two long-time EBM veterans, Arthur and Bodyhammer. They started with good old school EBM: powerful, but still melodic and the vocals as usual harsh and aggressive. The fire of "Kalt"  jumped over and the audience went wild after the first tracks: There couldn't have been a better beginning for this event. 


[No Sleep By The Machine (SW)] ++ Bandcamp  ++ Facebook

The Swedish formation "No Sleep By The Machine" was the second band of the evening and they also showed why they had come to Sint Niklaas: Hard, electronic beats and precise shouts pelted the dancing bodies. The EBM fans paid tribute to the Swedes by dancing excessively and the first shirts were wet with sweat. No wonder! Their hard magic beats killed the silence perfectly!


[Fïx8:Sëd8 (GER)] ++ Bandcamp ++ Facebook

The German dark electro band "Fïx8:Sëd8" was scheduled to play at the last BIM FEST 2022, but had to cancel their performance due to technical problems, so Martin and Vincent were allowed to perform again on this date and make up for their show. At first, the ecstatically dancing audience took a breather to follow what was going on. "Fïx8:Sëd8" staged a dark, dystopian journey, pictorially represented by bloody dolls and accompanied by powerful soundscapes with a high goosebump factor. The dance break didn't last long ...!


[SUICIDE COMMANDO (BE)] ++ Website ++ Bandcamp ++ Facebook

The headliner Johan van Roy aka "Suicide Commando" found a well warmed up audience. The EBM-master didn't miss the chance to present a very special gift as a highlight: His set list was a musical journey through time. The vintage songs were a treat for the die-hard listeners. The audience gave it all again! Johan unexpectedly sought the proximity of his fans and suddenly found himself in the wildly pogoing crowd. In the end, the fans stood on stage with him! What a blast! Never saw Johan like that!



The "motherland" of EBM definitely invites you to visit again: The next Bodybeats Festival in Sint Niklaas is the two-day BIM Fest from 01 - 03 December 2023, with acts to be announced soon. It was a pleasure to be part of it and we would like to thank the Bodybeats team and their helpers. We had such a good time with you! Always stay "in rhythm".

Save the date for next International EBM-Day 24.2.2024 in Sint Niklaas!


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