Special: Tenderlash — — Misery Loves Fantasy (Dread Risks Remix)

Veröffentlicht am 8. Januar 2022 um 00:16


Genre: Electro, Stil: Dark/Cold Wave, VÖ: 07.01.2022



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++ Label: Swiss Darko Nights

"Sultry and spooky melodies for dancing in dark corners (TENDERLASH)"

Heute veröffentlicht das US-amerikanische Electro-Waveprojekt Tenderlash von Candy Durant einen fulminanten Remix des Tracks „Misery Loves Fantasy“. Der Titel stammt vom Album „Hold Still“, das am 4.1.2021 unter dem Label Swiss Dark Nights erschien. Wir berichteten (s. Review). Der Remix stammt von der Industrial Band Dread Risks aus Austin. Toll, was da aus dem Süden der USA, aus North Carolina und Texas, zu uns rüber schallt. Der kräftige Beat überzeugt und der Break in der Mitte schafft eine Atempause zum erneuten Spannungsaufbau — eine sehr gelungene Dramaturgie. Also in dunkle Ecken braucht man sich wirklich nicht verziehen, im Gegenteil, es zieht einem zur Mitte der Tanzfläche!

07.01.2022: Misery Loves Fantasy (Dread Risks Remix)

Ich nutze die Gelegenheit, die Musikerin Candy Durant selbst zu befragen -- das Interview:


Me: Time flies. Your first album was released exactly one year ago. It was a real success. What did happen these year (from album release to now) concerning your music activities? 

C.D.: „Yes the year really flew by! I'm so pleased that people seemed to like the album. I was busy with a few performances this year; a guest vocal with Hapax, a World Goth Day set with DJ Baby Berlin, NNHMN, Suzi Sabotage and others (a recording of that performance was later released as "Live From A Dark Room" on Swiss Dark Nights) and an appearance at Absolution Fest in Tampa, FL along with Dead Cool, Bootblacks, Riki and lots of other bands. It was amazing! I'm still sort of wrapping things up on this album with a few more remixes and videos, but it was a great first year for Hold Still.„


HAPAX - Listen Ft. Ashram and Tenderlash (2021)

Your first single „Mourning At Midnight“ was released in 2013. The album „Hold still“ followed 8 years later in 2021. You said you were part of other bands, other projects took your time. Could you tell us more about these projects? What did you learn from them and did it influence your music? 

C.D.: Being in bands was a good learning experience. It taught me a lot about performing live and being on tour. We shared our different music influences. For example, I was exposed to the experimental and industrial side of music more than I had been before. I was definitely influenced to try new things and be bolder in my musical choices. I was also in a Cure tribute band for a while, and now I know a lot of Cure songs and chord progressions! I'm very grateful to those bands for the opportunity to play with them. 


Tenderlash - Mourning at Midnight (2013

The most exciting question is: When will you release your second album? 

C.D. That’s a good question! I have lots of ideas and partially finished songs. I will definitely have some new material before 2022 has ended, whether or not it's a full album, we'll see! 


Tenderlash - Cold Outside (Batávia Remix) (2021) 

Which of your songs represents your idea of music the best? 

C.D.: I think the title track, "Hold Still" says it best. I like a spooky mood, and I like a good dance beat. I like breathy vocals, and melodies with playful harmonies. I don't have a favorite track, but that one is definitely representative of my style. 

Thank you so much for doing this. I really hope I can come play in Germany one day.


Tenderlash — Hold Still

Das wäre wirklich ein Herzenswunsch, Tenderlash live hier bei uns erleben zu können. Wer weiß, eines Tages mag es so weit sein.

Vielen Dank an Candy Durant (TENDERLASH).